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Matthew Boyer
Olin Green
Roderick Joslin
Thomas Kropp
Makayla Roshkowski

Dr. Nicholas Lownes


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The Connecticut Air National Guard’s 103rd Airlift Wing is located in East Granby, Connecticut. Due to the opening of a new entrance at the southern boundary of the base, the Old Main Gate (Building 20) was closed. This closure caused the road network throughout the base to become discontinuous, inefficient, and unsafe. The CT Air National Guard requested a plan to redesign the existing site to ensure connectivity from the newly opened southern entrance to the remainder of base. Survey data was collected to develop a topographic map of the existing conditions. The road network was improved by designing a new continuous main road throughout the base using a horizontal alignment that satisfies AASHTO standards for specific design speeds. Parking lots were expanded to maintain a one-for-one parking spot exchange while meeting ADA compliance, and the existing main road was converted to a pedestrian only zone. Turning radii throughout the base were tested with design vehicles to ensure accessibility. The new main road and parking lot were graded to allow for proper stormwater drainage. A rough order of magnitude cost estimation was developed using data from past projects and RSMeans. A basis of design was created to outline the limitations with the current project scope. The final deliverables included a partially complete 35% design drawing set, cost estimation, and basis of design report to be used for the A/E design service who continues this project once it is sent out for bid.