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Team 19

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Robin Rosales
Kiera Wolfe
Jasmine Greene
Ruijie Yu
Michael Rosinsky

Benjamin Fuller



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The purpose of our project was to create a piece of software that displayed voting record information in such a way that had high confidence, easy readability, and was user-friendly. Before the completion of our software, the UConn VoTeR center used a large CSV file to audit ballot results which was very difficult to read, but our software was designed to fix this. As a group, we designed a product that allowed the user to read in a ballot, parse the data, and display the information in both a graphical format, as well as a table format. We employed the use of drop-down menus to allow the ballot information to be split up into different batches which are pre-defined groups of ballots, as well as individual ballots to allow easy readability of confirmed and questionable votes in each race or even for each candidate. Our product will be delivered to The UConn Voting Center at the end of the semester and will be incorporated this summer to be used by staff and interns.