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Joey Bechard
Jeff Choate
Peter Ludwig
Yusuf Malik
Tony Zheng

Professor Dong-Guk Shin



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The Synchrony POST project entails a proof-of-concept application designed to streamline the functionality of Synchrony’s existing CareCredit mobile application by simplifying patient-provider interactions. For context, CareCredit is a credit card that allows patients to finance expensive medical expenses. The accompanying CareCredit mobile application provides customers with a digital credit card for making secure payments to their health care providers. This project aims to prototype and develop potential enhancements to this application. One such enhancement includes adding the ability for users to check in to their providers using Near-Field Communication (NFC) and geolocation technology to allow for easy and secure hands-free billing. Currently, the CareCredit app is designed to primarily be used by end-users, so to facilitate the enhanced check-in and payment process, an accompanying interface for CareCredit health care providers was developed. Additionally, to help promote usage of CareCredit, a machine learning capable recommendation algorithm was developed to predict which CareCredit providers a user would be most likely to be interested in. To accompany all of these proposed features to the CareCredit mobile application, a full set of backend services were architected and developed. Considering the sensitive nature of payment data, a fully fleshed-out security implementation was also developed as a core feature rather than an afterthought. In addition to being secure, all backend services follow a microservice architecture pattern to ensure the scalability of all proposed functionality.