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Manav Patel
Kristin Moniz
Qi Xia
Adam Skawinski
Kanako Muratomi

Hanna Aknouche-Martinsson



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Startup Scorecard® is a web application designed to provide startups and investors with useful insights derived from data collected in the Pre app. Pre is an application created by Funding Founding that uses gamification to promote engagement between startups and potential investors during pitch events by having audience members make mock investments in participating startups. Startups compete with each other to earn the most investments while investors compete to make smart investments. 

Our task was to create a web application that takes advantage of the large amount of data collected by Pre to help startups gain a greater understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and potential investors while also helping investors make informed investment decisions. We built the web application using Flutter written in Dart, and we used Firebase for features such as Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, and hosting. 

The data collected by Pre is stored in Firestore. A cloud function triggered by the web app pulls data from Firestore and serves the documents needed to create the various charts and widgets on our dashboard. Using the cloud function along with Firebase hosting allows us to save the static documents in the cache to limit the number of read calls to our database. For features that require real-time synchronization, such as chat, we directly accessed Firestore. 

Another purpose of Startup Scorecard is to facilitate engagement between startups and potential investors following the pitch event. This was accomplished by adding features such as messaging and the ability to follow and track the growth of a startup.