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Team 37

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Matthew Jones
Nate Luscomb
Michael Kubisek
Yeshi Soleti
Aleksa Fiedorowicz

Dr. Dong Shin


University of Connecticut

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Our project is to create a new and revamped website for the Connecticut Crash Data Repository. The Connecticut Crash Data Repository is a website that compiles all the available data for vehicle crashes in the state of Connecticut. For this project we will be working with Director Dr. Eric Jackson and his team at the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center. The main goal of the website is to provide users with analytics on motor vehicle accidents and the factors that contribute to those accidents. These factors include but are not limited to drug use, road condition, distracted driving, and weather conditions. We have been tasked with updating the graphics and layout of their current existing site, as well as creating new and exciting data visualizations that are easier for viewers to understand. Furthermore, we have been tasked with performing analysis on toxicology data of drivers involved in accidents, as well as performing analysis of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemics on vehicle accidents in the state. Finally, due to complications with the foundation that the original site was built on, we have been tasked with increasing performance on the website, as well as decreasing the load time across the site. These are the tasks outlined to us by Dr. Jackson that our team will be focusing on with our website. To handle the data set displayed by the website, we will be using a MSSQL Database and an Apache server. For the data visualizations and website formatting we will be using Plotly Dash and Python