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David Tran
Evan Weiss
Jasper Cruz
Kenny Payes Galeano

Professor Phillip Bradford



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The company encaptiv strives for perfection in online presentation, webinar, and event hosting. In order to provide useful functionality and a great user experience, encaptiv sought to improve their public marketing website and build an ARM (audience relationship management) product. To put it simply, encaptiv’s goal is to maximize user value, and our team was thrilled at the opportunity to assist in this goal. For the website portion of our project (Figure 1), our approach was to use industry standard Javascript framework (Vue) with an industry standard language (Typescript). The benefits of using a modern Framework include improved source code readability/maintainability, dynamically generated content, and support for adaptive designs. The result is a website that was designed to be adaptive inside and out, giving its users and it’s developers a seamless experience.  The umbrella project of an ARM (audience relationship management) product contains several complex components. An important component is an API (Application Programming Interface). An API is typically any software that allows for software-to-software interaction and data sharing. The API we created (Figure 2) allows for recording and retrieving audience data while providing an abstraction layer between the application and it’s data, enabling simple, reusable access to data. With serverless technologies (AWS Lambda), it’s possible to create small functional pieces of code accessible to an API without needing a traditional server set up, which can be costly and difficult to maintain. We employed the Agile development method throughout to improve organization, get continuous feedback, and ensure sponsor requested changes were completed before strict deadlines. Writing user stories helped our team prepare demonstrations of the user value gained on a week-by-week basis. This constant communication and continuous feedback helped our team produce finished projects that were to our sponsors exact specifications.