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Team 2101

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Elizabeta Sofroni
Siddarth Suresh
Alexander Jatsiv

Ashwin Dani


Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

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A helicopter is a highly complex system. As helicopter technologies advance, these systems become even more complex. To reduce the workload on the pilot, helicopters have various flight modes that allow the pilot to delegate some tasks over to a flight controller. Drones are good approximations of helicopters. The drones considered in this project are multicopters (MC). They observe the same physical laws as helicopters only with different output methods. In this project, a new flight mode will be designed for the PX4 Autopilot system. This flight mode is known as Attitude-Command Velocity Hold (ACVH). The outputs of the controller are abstracted to Euler angles (roll, pitch, and yaw). The goal of this flight mode is to trim the drone at a certain constant velocity, both in forward flight and banking.