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Team 2111

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Nathaniel Burgess
Tyrese Gaffney
Alexandra Buss
Oleg Nazarovets
Johannah Litchfield
Gabriel Zepeda (fall)

A. F. M. Anwar


National Guard

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The National Guard TASMG in Groton has a large facility that does routine maintenance on helicopters ranging from from Black Hawks to Chinooks. Among these facilities is a blast media booth. This facility uses highly pressurized hoses which blast the parts and hull of a helicopter with "Type 8" Plastic Magic Media. When blasted the plastic media strips the helicopters of paint making them suitable for maintenance. This facility is now over twenty-five years old. The equipment and machinery in this facility have exceeded their useful service life and utilize obsolete technology. The system is prone to both mechanical and electrical failure and it is so old that any replacement parts must be custom fabricated with long lead times. The National Guard has tasked our group with designing a new modernized blast system. In our design we will be selecting new equipment and machinery for the blast booth. We will also be updating the other critical components of the blasting room. These other components include redoing the media floor collection system to be more effective than the current two trough design. The ventilation and airflow systems also need to be updated to ensure desirable airflow through the room and to maintain negative pressure in the room during blasting.