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Ashley Salas
Brian Camillieri
Margaret Brien
Rachael Gallagher

Liang Zhang


Aquiline Drones

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Aquiline Drones, located in the financial district of Hartford, CT, offers full-service UAV solutions with equipment, personnel, and cloud infrastructure for a multitude of use cases. A few examples of these UAV solutions include critical delivery, perimeter security, and asset protection. They have redefined the entire unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) landscape by developing a unified, real-time cloud with autonomous flight capabilities, edge computing, and AI-enabled data insights. Our senior design project focuses on designing and creating a functioning autonomous drone landing platform with wireless charging integration. The drone uses infrared landing technology to settle on the landing platform. When properly aligned, the charging coil on the platform should provide maximum power to the onboard drone battery once it is detected. The drone landing platform must also provide a safe enclosure for the drone, as shown in Figure 1. We will use a material for the top of the landing platform to protect the drone from various weather conditions and other external factors. The drone must be able to fit securely in place and must be able to be mounted on the roof of a vehicle. In Figure 2, you can see that the cones are fit for the drone's legs to maintain stability. The autonomous drone landing platform could further expand the applications of UAVs. The wireless charging capabilities of the landing platform allow for more usage. Since the platform will mount on the roof of a vehicle, it is beneficial to the military, general security, and delivery sectors. The drone platform will enable UAV solutions for work in remote areas and work in multiple locations. Aquiline Drones will be using this system in partnership with the Hartford Police department to strengthen public safety measures.