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Team 2113

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Andrew White
Nicholas Law
Sadman Sakib

Dr. Shalabh Gupta


Aquiline Drones

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Our project is to make a container to carry medical articles such as medicines or organs for human transplantation. This container must be able to be carried by a drone. The container and its payload must be thoroughly monitored by an end-user or medical partner, and the payload must be cooled to an appropriate near-freezing temperature of 4o - 8oC. This is a joint project with UConn Mechanical Engineering, who is responsible for the design of the container, ensuring it is small and light enough to be suitable for a UAV carrier. The Electrical Engineering team is responsible for creating an internal sensor network and communications system to monitor the container's vitals, regulate internal temperatures, and sustain full activity and communication for at least one hour of flight time.