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Team 2117

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Kiran Nadkarni
Ryan Harvey
Harris Yousafzai

Dr. Necmi Biyikli


General Dynamics Electric Boat

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This project involves the identification and investigation of potential wireless technologies that can be used to transfer data between two or more moving underwater platforms within 30 feet of each other. These methods of data transfer would need to have a benign effect on aquatic life as well as improve the data transfer bandwidth and rate relative to the convention of Acoustic communication. Based on this engineering challenge, the work that has been done is centered around the alternatives to Acoustic Waves and the potential simulation and hardware implementation of systems of this nature. This has lead our focus towards Optical Communication as it has the potential for the highest data rate and bandwidth within the specified range. There are different restrictions that can occur in UWOC systems as well, so we have a responsibility to identify those if we are proposing this idea. We have also created an example hardware implementation of proof-of-concept data transfer system through a very small medium of water, to function as a hardware demonstration of what is possible with widely commercially available products & public online resources.