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Team 2124

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Alexander Modugno
Brandon Dinsmore
Ayman Choudhury

Necmi Biyikli



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Our project is a technical solution to a multitude of  challenges Biorasis has encountered with their in lab testing with their implantable glucose sensor. We have redesigned and build a low noise programmable test bench that will produce little to no electrical noise while offering adjustable programming that allows for life like glucose fluctuation during testing. Our newly designed test bed is controlled by an Arduin0 Uno in which sends direction and pulse signals to two stepper motor drivers. These drivers control two stepper motors which are directly connected to two peristaltic pumps, each pumping a different glucose solution of different concentrations. This created an environment in which the Biorasis implantable sensor can read life like simulated glucose solutions while having no heavy RF noise interference during testing.