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Jordan Trzcinski
Mary Pizzuto
Caleb Wurster
Natalie Chmielewska

Dr. Timothy Vadas


Town of Mansfield, CT

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The town of Mansfield, CT is currently under contract designing a new elementary school to be placed at the location of the existing Southeast Elementary School. Our group is tasked with designing a robust stormwater management system for the new elementary school, meeting Connecticut Stormwater Regulations for water treatment and peak flow control. Construction is expected to begin in April 2021, and the district is striving for the new school to become a Net-Zero Energy school, which is a building that returns as much energy to the power grid as it consumes. Ultimately, the stormwater system must be sustainable and fit the new green culture of the school, while altering as little as possible on the site. We designed a system of several stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs), including bioretention basins, a dry detention pond, and an effective catch basin network. These will effectively treat pollution from the site and help control peak flow during large storm events. The system is designed to last for the lifetime of the school building. In addition to the design, we incorporated creative hands-on, outdoor, interactive components for the students at the school. A planned activity during the spring semester took place in coordination with some of the teachers at the school. This activity consisted of hands-on water treatment education appropriate for elementary students.