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Loureiro Engineering Associates tasked the CMRP Senior Design team to develop a Physical Excavation Plan for the Allendale Pond area. This area also includes the nearby Allendale Reach and Allendale Floodplain that surrounds the pond. The design of the excavation plan will be dependent on the concentration of dioxin (2,3,78 TCDD) in the sediment located within the Pond, Reach, and floodplain. The excavation of the area will depend on the distribution of dioxin contamination in the context of the regulatory Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) of 10,000 ng/kg, which will be determined through the creation and analysis of a continuous contamination concentration model, based on previous sampling of the pond sediment. Due to the disturbance from excavation, Loureiro also tasked the Senior Design team to develop an Ecological Restoration Plan for the environmental redevelopment of the pond, reach and floodplain areas. This restoration plan included developing habitat for wildlife, erosion control, and vegetation considerations. An economics evaluation was also performed to estimate the cost of the excavation and restoration plans.