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An energy audit was conducted on two sites in Connecticut, Powder Hollow Wellfield, and Stewart Water Treatment plant. The purpose of the audit was to optimize energy savings and increase the efficiency of the pumping systems. Pumping water is an extremely energy-intensive process that accounts for a major portion of the energy used for industrial processes in the United States. Maximizing the efficiency of these systems and cutting energy consumption come with both economic and environmental incentives. Thorough data analysis was conducted using information gathered from pump operators, testing at the site, and Eversource energy records. Using this analysis a series of operational and equipment changes are evaluated for their effectiveness at reducing energy consumption. Operational energy-saving measures do not involve the purchase of new equipment. Equipment energy-saving measures can also be taken, these involve the purchase of new equipment. Underperforming pumps can be replaced with new pumps. Variable Frequency Drives can be added to constant speed pumps in order to allow for speed change. A final recommendation was delivered with thorough energy and cost-saving report as well as a prediction of greenhouse gas emission reduction after implementation is reported.