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Aquarion Water Company is a water treatment company that operates several water treatment plants  across Connecticut. Currently, Aquarion is looking to recycle a byproduct of the water treatment process known as water treatment residuals (WTRs) into reusable topsoil instead of sending these residuals to a landfill.  We understand Aquarion Water Company is in need of assistance with the handling of its water treatment residuals and transforming its site. Our goals are to improve the drying of WTRs with wind aerators to limit levels of chloroform, to make the overall site more accessible and to construct a rain garden to capture stormwater runoff from the site. To achieve this goal, we conducted a field investigation, analyzed data taken at the site and researched design plans. After this, we developed sheds for the storing of aerators,  a best management practice, and improved road conditions of the site. Our best management practices was a rain garden that was in accordance with the state and local regulations in regards to zoning, planning and wetlands and groundwater discharge. The road leading to the site and the areas surrounding it were covered with asphalt pavement to support the heavy weight of large trucks. During this process, our team applied our knowledge of water treatment processes, environmental chemistry, structural analysis and transportation design to offer an initial plan.