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Team 5

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Emily Mitchell
Matt Boguszewski
Chris Payen
Yongkang Qiu

Nejat Olgac



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Airbornway is an engineering and manufacturing company that is revolutionizing the transportation industry. The patent-pending Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (MRC) is a cabin system that will travel on a single cable system suspended in the air. The MRC will offer transportation solutions for many cities across the country. The ME05 group is redesigning a device called the transconnector, which is integral for the MRC and other cableway transportation systems. The transconnector device is able to provide mobile electricity through the use of the Gibson Cables, developed by Rodger Gibson of Airbornway. The first iteration of this device will be used for ski lifts and gondolas, which do not have access to electricity outside of the two terminals. With the electricity provided by the transconnector, the cabins will have lighting, air conditioning, and intercoms available.  Our team is focusing on modifying the current design to allow the transconnector to turn corners, as the original prototype had colinear rigid mounted wheels. There were three major changes made to the original design, including implementing a spring loaded yoke wheel design, adding a locking mechanism for easy removal, and simplifying the electrical path.