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Team 61

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Jack Kissane
Christopher Huynh
Tomi Alao

Wilson K. S. Chiu


Zachry Nuclear Engineering, Inc.

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This project involves the design, development, and fabrication of cooling system for the Faro Focus x330 3D laser scanner used by Zachary Nuclear Engineering. Zachary is an engineering company that uses the x330 scanner to take measurements and create CAD models of nuclear facilities which engineers use to develop analytical models and design plant modifications. The scanner has a maximum operating temperature of 104˚F which can be much lower than ambient temperatures in certain parts of a nuclear facility, this leads to the shutdown of the x330 which increases time and cost of a project. Our solution involves insulating the x330, circulating air from the x330 to a cooling device that uses solid state heat pumps called Peltier devices, heatsinks with fans to dissipate heat from the hot side Peltier device, pipe heatsink to remove heat from the cooling air and a fan to move air through the pipe heatsink. The Peltier devices help keep the vibrations produced by the cooling device to a minimum which maintains the quality of the scans. Using this set up the TEC 2.3 is able to reach a max heat removal of 84W which correlates to a temperature drop from the inlet to the outlet of the cooling device of 31˚F (17˚C) at an air speed of 5.83 m/s