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Kurt Jonke

Dr. Chih-Jen Sung


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The objective of this project is to examine the feasibility of high-pressure soot measurement of RD587 and its surrogates in a rapid compression machine (RCM) to meet the needs of the scientific community and aid in the development of chemical kinetic models. There is a strong need for the global reduction of particulate matter production by combustion processes in internal combustion engines. This is an issue that requires the formulation of renewable and carbon neutral fuels in conjunction with technological advancements in engine technology. Soot models are produced to predict the soot formation tendencies of gasoline fuels. This project will serve useful in the betterment and validation of such models with the production of experimental data sets under engine relevant conditions. The determination of the sooting tendencies of RD587 and its surrogates also allows them to be quantitively compared. The design and analysis of an experimental setup implementing laser diagnostics was required to accomplish the project’s goals. This setup can later be reused to study other fuels. The light extinction method was used to measure the soot volume fraction as a function of compressed temperature, compressed pressure, and equivalence ratio of the chosen fuel and oxygen/diluent.