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Team 8

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Jose Tanchiva
Joan Llerana
Yizhou Liu

Professor Bryan Weber



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The goal of ME 08 is to help the company to develop a more robust turret temperature conditioning system for cooling a reticle in a certain range, in a required time domain, and to balance the effect of fast cooling speed and unequal heat distribution. Team 08 has performed calculations, simulations, and designed 3D models to have a design of a cooling nozzle in the turret. The calculations were relevant to estimate the value of flow rate the nozzle had to distribute theoretically as well as the size of it. The 3D models were also important to show the design the nozzle must have according to the dimension constraints. ME 08 assumed the cooling process occurs in a closed system. By computer simulations, ME 08 analyzed the feasibility of different probability and obtain the influence of boundary conditions of the cooling effect inside the turret. In order to achieve the best results, the speed of cooling air, the nozzle shape, and the insulation material were considered to 3D print a prototype design of the turret temperature system and perform an experiment.