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Team 16

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Frank A Lewis
Cara Tran
Adam Markowski
Tyler Rodrigues
Gabi Kwiatkowski
George Powley

Dr. Krystyna Gielo-Perczak



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Inverse Dynamics Analysis of a Lower Extremity Sit-to-Stand Exoskeleton

The purpose of this design project is to use the state-of-the-art software, AnyBody Technology, to analyze the mechanical effects of the use of an exoskeleton in sit-to-stand motion. In comparison to other motion capture analysis tools, AnyBody Technology software provides features such as: custom calibration, musculoskeletal analysis, force/moment-dependent kinematics, motion prediction, and visual simulation that allow us to both quantitatively and qualitatively determine how the exoskeleton influences natural motion. Motion capture data collected from a variety of subjects performing the sit-to-stand motion both with and without the exoskeleton is first configured for simulation accuracy. Complex data analysis then outputs time-dependent force and moment values corresponding to specific locations of the body. The result of this project will provide valuable feedback to biomechanical engineers on the effectiveness of exoskeleton designs, as well as subject-specific treatment information.

Our team collaborated with Biomedical Engineering 15 on this project.