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Team 07

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Carina Scher
Ioannis Mastorakis
Zachary Hattan
Matthew Song

Shinae Jang


Town of Wethersfield, CT

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Parking and Pedestrian Safety Improvements Along Main Street in Old Wethersfield

For this project, Team CE07 is working with the Town of Wethersfield to address parking and pedestrian needs along Main Street in Old Wethersfield. Over the past few years, the Town has experienced an economic and social boom. The addition of a number of storefronts and restaurants to Main Street has turned this once calm residential neighborhood into a town center. While these recent additions have been primarily beneficial for the town, a few problems have arisen regarding vehicle and pedestrian accessibility to said businesses. The lack of parking in the area had become exceedingly obvious and patrons have voiced their complaints to the Town. With traffic from Main Street spilling into the town’s residential neighborhoods, the Town was pressured to evaluate the situation. Team CE07 was tasked with designing improvements to the area that would accommodate heavier vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Main Street. There are a number of specific deliverables for this project, including (1) several current parking studies of the Main Street area, (2) designs for new/reallocated parking at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center and Fire Station lots, and (3) designs that improve safety and visibility for pedestrians at the intersection of Hartford Avenue and Main Street and State Street and Main Street. Through research and consideration, Team CE07 has produced efficient and feasible designs for Main Street.