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Team 09

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Eain Goolsbey
Luigi Coppola, Jr.
Benjamin Tillman

Dr. Shinae Jang



sponsored by
Town of Hamden

Bridge 02016 Scour Repair for the Town of Hamden

This project is located in the Town of Hamden along Shepard's Brook as part of an ongoing project to repair scouring along the concrete culvert that runs below Dixwell Avenue. This project offers a plethora of opportunities to work on project management and the complexities of construction projects. This project occurs within the wetlands limits for the Town of Hamden, so all construction activities need to be as limited as possible to minimize the environmental impact fixing the scour will have. Beyond this, the project will involve the procurement of the new foundation to repair the scouring that has occurred along the base of the culvert. It will also include force diagrams as the Connecticut Heritage Trail runs just above the project location. A complete design package will be created for our sponsor that will cover all design aspects for the project, as well as all environmental considerations. There will also be a VR aspect to this project, which will encompass the scour locations and allow users to see how poorly the area has degraded since the culvert’s construction.