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Team 10

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Kaitlyn Kondos
Nicole Martocchio
Joseph Mikulewicz
Avishan Montazer

Shinae Jang



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Modern Roundabout at the Intersection of Hunting Lodge Road and North Eagleville Road

Working alongside Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB), Team CE10 was assigned to investigate improvements to the University of Connecticut’s traffic flow and campus safety. Specifically, the team evaluated the campus gateway of the intersection of Hunting Lodge Road and North Eagleville Road. After preliminary traffic flow and site condition analysis, Team CE10 evaluated three potential options for intersection improvement: a modern single-lane roundabout, traffic signalization, and pedestrian/cyclist improvements. Team CE10 ultimately came to the conclusion that the modern single-lane roundabout would be the most successful and cost-effective solution to traffic congestion and safety concerns. With the help of VHB, Team CE10 drafted a roundabout design for this intersection. Through thorough research, CE10 chose the most cost-effective and reliable options. Based on material prices with the ongoing supply chain challenges, the team assembled a thorough cost estimate. The final product consists of a finished set of drawing plans alongside a detailed cost estimate.