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Benjamin Theriault
Alyssa Bisi
Anya Melick
Katherine Betsais

Wei Zhang


De-Simone Consulting

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Newark Plaza Tower

DeSimone Consulting Engineers are designing the structure for the Newark Plaza Tower located in Newark, New Jersey. This building consists of a retail shopping center, 4 level parking garage, and 27 floors of residential apartments. The Senior Design Team was been tasked with analyzing the cost of the current design of the 6th - 15th floors of the building. Using this as a baseline, two alternate structural designs were produced to present as more cost effective solutions. The modeling software, CSI Safe, was used to edit the structural designs of columns, beams, and slabs while analyzing the changes in loads and deflections to ensure our redesign stays within building code standards. With the recent changes in the world over the past few years, the cost and availability of building materials has never been more important. With the value engineered alternatives, we are offering DeSimone Consulting with solutions to problems they may have not known. These alternate designs have been able to save valuable building materials while maintaining structural integrity of the building.