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Grace Ewoldt
Nathan Nye
Shawn Dirck
Frantz Gabriel

Dr. Christenson



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Dr. Alexandra Hain, Connecticut Cooperative Transportation Research Program (CCTRP) Project 20-02

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Maintenance-Free Steel Bridges

The Connecticut State Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) is addressing the problem of beam end corrosion and is in search of a maintenance free solution rather than continuous repairs every 15-20 years. Some of the newer options like UHPC have become a new possibility aiding in this effort. Its sustainability and cost have become a crucial part in determining if it is the best option over other traditional methods of repairing and maintaining beam ends. We will be providing estimations of lifespans in the separate joints, evaluating the pros/cons of each method, evaluating initial cost for preventative measures, and performing a life cycle cost analysis. This will be given to ConnDOT as a single package with all assumptions explained, sources of all information obtained, and a modeled VR of each maintenance method for the I-84 East bridge span as the site. We will contact all contractors and manufacturing shops within 100 miles of Hartford, Connecticut to determine a price range for galvanization, painting, metalizing, weathered steel, and UHPC regarding beam end repairs and total girder protection.