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Fiona Casey
Aidan Fay
Katie Laresch
Meg Sirowich

Manish Roy, PH.D.



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Design of Site Work for the Reconstruction of Washington School, West Haven, CT

Washington Elementary School in West Haven, Connecticut has not had a major renovation in over thirty years. Recently, plans have been made to reconstruct the building to meet code requirements and create a better educational environment for the students. Civil Engineering Senior Design Group 20’s role in this project was to work with STANTEC Consulting Services INC. to design a new site plan for the new building using AutoCAD. The current site has a small parking lot and a route for student drop-off and pick-up that often gets crowded with parental and faculty/staff vehicles, and school buses. The group's design better utilizes all the space available on the site to create efficient parking and drop off areas along with two new playgrounds for the students. The plans for the site included site gradation, drainage, and sediment and erosion control. A materials cost analysis report was also prepared.