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Team 3

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Kamila Krawczuk
Thomas Crosby
Noah Picarelli-Kombert
Sean Rowan
Adarsh Kumar Nagendra
Likhitadevi Athina

Joseph Johnson



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Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell Project Management Software

As an engineering, construction and consulting company, Burns & McDonnell often focuses on program and project management for their clients. While they use a variety of industry leading technologies to provide their services, they also augment these tools with their own project management software. The goal of SDP CSE Team 3 was to modernize and optimize one specific piece of software used for workflow automation and report distribution. We worked towards setting up a relational database in order to have a centralized location to save automation configuration (aka tasks). In addition to that, there has been significant work put into updating the format that is used to load and save tasks, it had previously utilized an old format called XML which has been changed to JSON. This required updating the mechanisms for all existing task and module types for how the necessary information is saved and loaded. The software had also been streamlined by eliminating code and configuration that has been deprecated. Additional steps towards modernization were taken by updating the communication protocol that certain tasks utilize from communicating with a SOAP to utilizing REST commands.