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Team 7

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Matthew Kropp
Payalben Patel
Jeff Remy
Sriram Mukund
Katherine Miller

Seung-Hyun Hong



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Emanus LLC and Jose Torres

PEACE Project

PEACE is a cloud-based multi-party communications platform that enables parents, law enforcement officials, governments, etc. to monitor and be notified of who is driving a vehicle and who the other occupants are, particularly prior to the engagement of law enforcement officials with the driver/occupant of the vehicle (during a traffic stop or another encounter). In a preferred embodiment, PEACE's proprietary mobile app platform provides omnipresent awareness and communication between various stakeholders that is triggered by electronic and visual cues at the scene of a police traffic stop prior engagement with vehicle occupants. The system provides advanced information (e.g., age, medical condition, relevant prior history, etc.) about who has been authorized to drive the vehicle and others having permission to be in the vehicle. A goal of the system is to notify law enforcement officials during a traffic stop and prior to engagement that the driver/occupants have pledged to be compliant with police and law to avoid violent confrontation.