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Team 10

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Catrina Nguyen
Enyinna Ugenyi
Lydia Ashchepkova
Rojaun Samuda
Wyatt Reller

Sheida Nabavi



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Whelen Cloud Platform - Fire Feature

The project is focused on creating and implementing two features on The Whelen Engineering Company's web-based application: the Whelen Cloud Platform (WCP). WCP provides a real-time vehicle tracking service to emergency services with an interactive map that displays the locations and status of all vehicles. Our job was to implement two features for the the Live Map designed to be useful for coordinating fire fighting services during an emergency. While these features were originally specific to fire trucks, we designed them in such a way that they could be useful for any organization that Whelen provides services for, whether it be law enforcement, emergency medical services, or even the Department of Transportation.