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Team 12

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Maryam Aziz
Payal Shah
Owen Wight
Jacob Chan
Farhan Karim

Wei Wei


Synchrony Financial

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Synchrony Cyber Range

A cyber range is a virtual environment in which users can simulate cyber attacks, test cybersecurity technology, host competitions, etc. In order to address the current limitations of cyber ranges, our team proposes that a domain specific language (DSL) should be used for cyber range development. A DSL within a cyber range would allow for customization of cyber range scenarios and standardization of scenario development. Our team will create a prototype of a DSL that could be implemented within a cyber range using Xtext, and write an NSF proposal supporting the use of DSLs in a cyber range. Our project also addresses the lack of accessibility with current cyber ranges. We suggest a hybrid licensing model, as well as more cost effective platforms to run our cyber range on (Raspberry Pi, existing cyber ranges, etc.).