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Team 16

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Aditya Dubey
Zecheng Wang
Daryl D'Souza
Matthew Pluta
Rohit Yerram

Jake Scoggin



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AR Mobile Application for Visualizing Spatially Anchored 3D Models

For this project, Sonalysts would like to have the students design and develop an AR application that interacts with static exhibits. Our project is an augmented reality mobile application that is able to render animated 3D holograms in real-time and geospatially anchor them on physical objects and/or tags in the real world. It is capable of image recognition, object detection, geolocation mapping, marker recognition, and it can support an augmented reality view that contains spatial awareness and AR sessions. In addition to this, our application is able to render animated 3D object models, retrieve and fetch them from a cloud database in real-time, contain a secure user authentication and authorization service, and should have a friendly and interactive user interface.