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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a project sponsored by Aerospace Alloys, Inc (AAI). Value Stream Mapping or VSM is a visual tool which allows a company to visualize their production for current and future capacity depending on the current and forecasted demand from clients. Using Excel, Python, and eVSM, the workflow of value stream mapping for Aerospace Alloys has been optimized so that it only takes a matter of days to complete instead of months. The original raw data is provided through an Excel spreadsheet generated by AAIs ERP system. The Pandas library in Python is used to analyze the raw data which includes sorting through all the data and calculating cycle times, quantities demanded, and other production measurements. The results are written to Excel sheets by their product family. A dashboard is also generated by combining all the important data into one Excel sheet. This Python program automates the data analysis so that it takes seconds or minutes to compute. The resulting data is then used in the eVSM software to produce the value stream. The goal of this project is to allow Aerospace Alloys to optimize their production workflow throughout the year and actively prepare and succeed as demands change and new challenges arise.

Our team collaborated with Management & Engineering for Manufacturing 1 on this project.