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Rogenry Munoz
Rafael Soliven
Toni Smakaj

Abhishek Dutta


UConn Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

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Airborne Virus Extermination Device

With the rise of SARS-CoV-2 as well as its numerous variants, the safe opening of enclosed, shared spaces has once again become a challenge. The Dutta group aims to take this challenge head on through the development of a portable airborne virus extermination device that is capable of continuously removing 99.9% of viral particles in the air. This is made possible through the incorporation of HEPA filters and UV-C lights in the design which are capable of accomplishing this feat. A fan also incorporated in the design pulls unfiltered air in which then passes through a HEPA filter, removing dust or any other small particles which can shield microbes from UV-C light. The air then passes through a UV-C light bulb that eliminates the exposed microbes resulting in clean, pure air to be released at the end of the device.