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Sofia Abdari (EE)
Jacques Goosen (CompE)

Dr. Mehdi Anwar


UConn School of Engineering

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Ultra-Wide Bandgap HFETs for High Power, High Temperature, and High-Frequency Applications

Ultra-Wide Bandgap (UWBG) materials have paved the way for high power, temperature, and frequency applications, bringing forth a growing research niche and becoming the industry standard. With a wider range of flexibility, UWBG materials are addressing 5G/6G spectrum challenges and improving commercial/defense electronics. Up until now, device designers/researchers did not have access to a resource that specifies performance advantages. This project aims to bridge that gap of knowledge between UWBG materials and advanced communications. Through extensive literature review and TCAD simulation, data has been extracted and verified to construct a well-informed recommendation of the best-qualified materials. Through literature review, a master table has been provided, comparing physical properties and the figures of merits of these materials. Simulations have been conducted using Synopsys Sentaurus to configure a 2D model of a UWBG based CAVET and record the joule heat power distribution. From these methods, the project has contributed a clear resource and recommendation to device designers/researchers, as well as suggesting future areas of research.