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Team 19

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Luigi Matira
Nicholas Fortunato
Michael Davis

Abhishek Dutta



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Personal Aromatherapy Device

The current climate surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and many other events that exist within the world has caused a notable unrest and uneasiness within our everyday lives. A remedy most commonly used to calm one's self can be connected through the many years of therapeutic scents that cause a reaction within your system and ease one's tension. From AROMAKIT, our team comprising of electrical and mechanical engineers have come together in creating a device that will allow a dispersion of aromatherapy oils found within a contained system that can be located on the back of one's smartphone. This device will be connected to a bluetooth module that will provide a connection with our device to the phone for easy access and modular adjustability. The user may be able to change these scents using oil soaked pads that can be inserted into the device for quick and safe heating. We hope to provide our users with a device capable of bringing their soothing needs in an easy-to-use and safe capacity to bring their lives back to a calming state.

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 7 on this project.