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Team 24

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Jake DiMauro
Lucien Binette
Anthony Bolic

Lei Wang

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Solenoid Test Bench

Our team is designing a Solenoid Test Bench that is capable of meeting Jacobs Vehicle Systems requirements to accurately test their solenoid designs. Jacobs Vehicle Systems requires that the test stand be able to monitor oil supply pressure, return pressure and temperature to maintain testing consistency and have full range of control over the solenoid's operating frequency, duty cycle, voltage and current. This test stand will also be capable of testing multiple solenoids at the same time, be easy to use, and adapt to any location within their facility. Our test stand load tests solenoids by supplying a specified oil pressure and temperature to each of the solenoids and then switches the solenoids at a specified frequency with monitors displaying the current, voltage, and differential pressure for each solenoid being tested. In regards to overall safety we have implemented an Emergency Stop feature within the test stand to maintain a safe working environment and prevent injuries. This feature when activated will turn off all features of the test stand like the oil pump, solenoids, and heater while keeping the data acquisition software online and notifying the operator of an error.

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 27 on this project.