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Joshua Mirolyuz
Emilie Alber
Carlos Lachos Olivares

Susan Zuo



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Eagle Mobile Robotic Character

This project involved us designing a power distribution system for the Eagle Mobile Robotic carrier, as well as advising our sponsor on the power requirements necessary for the ERMC, as well as any changes that can be made or additions that could improve the project's overall design and functionality. The ERMC is a gondola-esque shuttle that is designed to propel its passengers throughout a city as a more cost-effective and greener alternative to cars, buses, etc. For our power distribution system, we must provide around 7 KW of power to the cabin, an alternating 81 to 89 KW of power to the elevator motor that will allow the carrier to ascend and descend to pick up passengers, and around 2369 KW of power to the drive motor that will allow the carrier to move throughout the city. In order to do this we have implemented a three-phase radial power distribution system, and in order to distribute power to the various components inside the cabin have developed a load center that will pass on the power to each of the required loads in the cabin. Alongside this we have researched methods such as regenerative braking to save power, as well as where to place our distribution system on the carrier so as to comply with all relevant regulations, making sure our design will be feasible at all times.

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 4 on this project.