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Centredale Manor Restoration

The Centredale Manor Restoration Project (CMRP), located North Providence, RI, has been assigned a mandated clean-up under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Loureiro Engineering has been tasked to excavate and dispose of any sediment and floodplain soils that are contaminated above regulated levels. Environmental Engineering Team 4 has been tasked with designing a plan for remediation and restoration of the Oxbow wetland area and adjacent floodplain within the CMRP. Due to manufacturing pursuits along the river in the 19th century by Woolen Mill, Metro-Atlantic Inc., and the New England Container Company Inc., there is chemical residue remaining along the river, in groundwater, and in the soil on the site. Along the Woonasquatucket River and Oxbow area there are residential areas, businesses, and a Little League baseball field that are at risk from the contaminants of concern located on site. The main contaminants being looked at are dioxins and furans. The excavation plan was modeled based on the level of the most toxic dioxin, 2,3,7,8 TCDD that, in many areas, is beyond the alternative treatment standard of 10 µg/kg set by the EPA. In addition to the excavation plan, ENVE 4 also created a restoration plan for the wetland. The wetland currently consists of 4 major habitats: upland forest, palustrine forested, palustrine shrub-scrub, and palustrine emergent. The plan was designed to return the wetland to its original construction. The restoration plan includes adding new vegetation, wildlife habitat structures, and erosion control structures.