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Aeration Blower Redesign

Our team of environmental engineers have completed this project in collaboration with Wright-Pierce to redesign the aeration blower system for the town of New Milford CT’s wastewater treatment plant. This plant was originally designed with consideration of a new plaza being developed in town, which led them to design for max flow of 4 MGD and peak flow of 7 MGD. The development never happened so now the plant only averages 0.8 MGD, resulting in the plant’s infrastructure and process design being oversized. We have redesigned the blower configuration that supplies oxygen to the aeration tank to use less power for lower than expected average intake while still being capable of servicing the maximum and peak flows. We believe this work has high value for the plant because the aeration process typically consumes greater than 50% of a wastewater treatment plant’s total energy consumption. We provided options considering positive displacement blowers and high-speed turbo blowers, since both include the advantage of a high turndown. We calculated output requirements for different flow and contaminant scenarios to design a new system of 3 blowers that meet regulations and are compatible with the current aeration tank infrastructure. We provided Wright-Pierce with a cost analysis of a few alternatives with our recommendations for a new and more efficient blower system.