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Gracey Boman
Daniel Chiburis
Kelsey George
Lauryn Patterson

Manish Roy, Ph. D.


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Design of Replacement Culvert under Park Street in Trumbull, CT

The culvert routing the flow of Belden Brook underneath Park Street in Trumbull, CT has fallen into disrepair over time. The metal culvert and concrete headwalls that are currently in place have structural issues such as spalling, delamination, and corrosion damage. Moreover, the culvert is undersized and cannot handle the flow levels demanded by the site, which has caused immense flooding in the past. The UConn team performed relevant calculations to determine the size of the replacement culvert needed to withstand a 50-year flooding event. The culvert was also designed to disturb less than 5,000 square feet of wetland, and meet the 1.2 times the bank full width and openness requirements as per the United States Army Corps of Engineering and Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection stream crossing guidance.