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Team 9

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Stone Brown
Jessica Canty
Caroline Sabo

Manish Roy, Ph.D.


CHA Consulting, Inc.

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Design of New Stormwater Management and Septic System in Fire Station 140 in Tolland, CT

Our senior design project is centered around the redevelopment of Fire Station 140, a municipal fire station in Tolland, CT, which will involve an extension onto the South side of the building. The extension of the building will introduce an increase in the overall impervious area on the site. In response to this, our team is tasked with designing a new stormwater management system that effectively meets Connecticut’s current stormwater regulations for water quality treatment and peak flow control. Our team chose to explore three different Stormwater BMPs that could be implemented on the Fire Station 140 site: Bioswales, Bioretention Basins, and Stormwater Ponds. The purpose of installing a BMP for this site is to treat and reduce the runoff from the new addition, and further assist the Town of Tolland in its goals to maintain compliance with the current state-wide stormwater standards. We decided the most appropriate BMP to implement on our site is a vegetated swale based on the guidance provided by the 2004 CT Stormwater Manual and the Town of Tolland’s MS4 Permit. In addition, the larger capacity of the fire station creates an increased demand for the septic system, requiring a replacement septic system to be implemented. In addition to meeting all the specifications defined by the Connecticut Department of Public Health Technical Standards, we determined the most appropriate septic system design for the site in terms of safety, cost, size, and environmental impacts.