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Jonathan Milovic
Ryan Schmidt
Yikun Mu

Professor Calvert and Professor Cunha



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Business Plan and Product Design for Automation of Small Molded Cylinders

The project's objective is to develop an automated process for molded cylinder products under 5” OD that allows Enflo to penetrate the market for small molded cylinders by maximizing output per man-hour of this product family. The project involves developing a concept from business planning target through to actual completion of a working cell that accomplishes the desirable outcomes. This begins with documenting process flow steps as well as key variables and controls needed to achieve the high level of product quality currently maintained and finalize the project scope. A proposed molding system is then drawn up and fully designed using CAD software. Operating instructions are created for the designed equipment. A budget and bill of materials is developed to project the cost of manufacturing the equipment. The final step is to fabricate the working model and test and document the process results to compare to previous data.