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Team 11

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Isabella Donadio
Katrina Granovskiy
Mitchell Hornak
Harrison Cao

Craig Calvert



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Redesign of Auto Frame Robot to Improve Clamping Stability

The purpose of this project is to redesign the clamping system on a framing robot, called the AutoFrame 500 (AF500), in order to improve the corner joining consistency on a variety of frames this company produces. It currently is ineffective when it comes to frames that have curved edges, causing gaps in the frames and making the edges not flushed. This issue makes the frames unappealing to customers, who can look to competitors for their frame joining needs. Given that the picture frame industry is booming and is very successful, this results in a direct profit loss for the company. The solution lies in decoupling the clamp and the nailer and maintaining a lever to be able to maintain the amount of force of the current design. We will do this by redesigning the system as well as creating a new clamp foot prototype to better assist the joining of frame corners.

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 24 on this project.