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Daniel Schumann
Brian Toole
Alex Rizza

Craig Calvert and Francisco Cunha



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Automating the Pressing Process in the Assembly of Spinal Screws with a Failure Detection System to Decrease Human Error

The goal of this project is to automate the pressing process and detect failure within the assembly of spinal screws. Currently a manual press is being used to swage three parts together, the case, cap, and screw itself. Our plan is to use a pneumatic press that only requires the operator to load the parts and press a button. Sensors will be attached to the top plate of the pressing block and measure the distance between the top plate and the bottom plate during the press. The screen attached to the sensor will then print if the press completed a full stroke, indicating a failure or a pass. The main goal for this project was to decrease the human error by eliminating human judgement on whether the press failed as well as the human force applied on a manual press.