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Alex Szczepaniak
Shenji Zhou
Taylor Kissinger
Shotaro Ishihara

Professor Chengyu Cao


Agrivolution LLC

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Air Water Generator - Aerius Water

Aerius Water was created in response to the ongoing water crisis and the unremitting demand for clean, sustainable water processes. Due to the continuously developing water crisis out west, and the struggle to distribute water in municipalities and skyscrapers, it is becoming imperative to find a reasonable solution other than desalinization and importing water. Our current prototype design is intended to be able to generate at least 3-4 liters of drinking water in a form factor compact enough to be in the average kitchen. However, we plan to scale our technology to provide a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution to generate water on site wherever it is needed. Our design is based on a absorption desorption cycle using solid desiccant technology, which we have been testing and optimizing over the past year. As of now, we have constructed a modular design that can demonstrate the basic capabilities of the technology.