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Theodore Dombroski Jr.
Nicholas Morgan
Delain Varesio

Chih-Jen Sung


Jacobs Vehicle Systems

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Solenoid Durability Test Stand

Jacobs Vehicle Systems specializes in engine braking systems and works with companies such as Caterpillar, Volvo, and Hyundai to name a few. An integral part of their success is the prototyping, development and testing of their braking solenoids to ensure a long-life cycle. The project delegated was to develop a solenoid durability test stand to accommodate ten interchangeable and easily serviceable testing blocks for their solenoids on a durable rig. The frame was designed using 80-20 aluminum extrusions and incorporates an emergency stop feature as well as a safety switch built into the lid. The hydraulic system is powered by a 5 HP AC motor coupled to a gear pump pumping 45 gal/min. The oil is heated by a 4.5kW immersion heater capable of reaching and maintaining up to 300° F. The basin was custom designed to accommodate 3 drain ports and bulkhead fittings to feed in the electrical and inlet plumbing. The testing blocks include a single main manifold with a temperature probe, feeding 10 separate testing blocks that each have a manually set pressure regulator and pressure transducer fed from the manifold, and another set of transducers and regulators to regulate back pressure, before oil is exhausted into the basin and drained into the 15-gallon oil tank. This ensures that each solenoid in the testing blocks will be fed the appropriate flow and pressure requirement as the solenoids are actuated in testing. Testing is user controlled through a LabVIEW interface designed and implemented by our ECE teammates.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 24 on this project.