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Brandon Baker
Alexander Ferrari

Dr. Ugur Pasaogullari


Precision Combustion Inc.

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Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Catalytic Layered Screen

This project aims to define the heat transfer characteristics of Precision Combustion Inc.'s Microlith® mesh. This primary goal includes design and fabrication of a test rig that will be used to experimentally collect heat transfer data through both conduction and convection in both axial and radial directions, and to determine how the heat transfer properties determine temperature distributions across a variety of mesh configurations. In the design of the test rig we also hope to refine the process for the setup of resistive heating system for the mesh, as this would allow for a more even;y distributed temperature distribution, which is important for a variety of applications. Ultimately, the data we collect will be analyzed and then utilized in further simulations to extrapolate the temperature distributions in alternative designs.