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Alexander Jarrett
Theoharis Puka

Chengyu Cao


Triumph Engine Control Systems

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AC-Power Driven Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Controller

The goal of this project was to research, design and fabricate a BLDC Motor controller. The motor should be capable of driving up to 1.5 kWatts and operate in ambient temperatures of -40C to 85C. It should be mounted in an enclosure that will be air-cooled with no use of fans. The motor was not under the same enclosure as the PCB and thus the team did not need to consider vibrations. The circuit was 90- 95% efficient so estimated internal dissipation was 75W to 150W. The approach of the PCB was to have two boards, an IMS (single layer aluminum plate) and a FR-4 (fiberglass). Three connectors board to board and three hanesses connect the two boards. Additionally, a housing was designed and manufactured, made of aluminum, to host the PCB. The housing has an open top so it can help with the heat dissipation.