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Bridge Assembly Programming and Screening

This project was focused on designing and developing a test fixture capable of validating the Zygo Corporation's next-generation Bridge printed circuit board. The current test fixture lacks the ability to program the Bridge PCB, and only utilizes cables to interface into the Bridge PCB. Jointly with ECE 24, Zygo has tasked us with the solution of developing a new test fixture to simplify the interfacing and testing procedure for the user. As the test fixture will be utilized in a manufacturing environment, robustness and simplification for the user are emphasized. The main focus of developing a new test fixture for the Bridge PCB is to reduce the number of cable connections, while still confirming the board's functionality. As such, a switch to a "Bed-of-Nails" solution was introduced. Spring-loaded pins will make a physical connection to specified nodes located on the Bridge PCB. The test fixture will push and lock the Bridge PCB into the pins to ensure a connection for the testing to occur.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 24 on this project.